"In contrast to formal litigation, where large numbers of claims are disposed of by summary procedures, arbitration insures that a party has access to a forum and a hearing. At the same time, arbitration offers parties a cost efficient and expedient way to resolve conflicts with minimal impact on business."

"If arbitration continues to live up to its promise as being 'better, faster, cheaper' it will embraced across the board."

John K. Boyce III

John Boyce John K. Boyce III has over 20 years of experience in the arbitration and mediation of a wide variety of sophisticated cases including securities fraud, breach of contract, acquisition agreements, accounting negligence, breach of fiduciary duty and an array of health care cases.

John sits on the panels of the American Arbitration Association, the Institute of Conflict Prevention & Resolution (CPR Institute), the American Health Lawyer’s Association and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.